Alexa Haze

Height: 4ft11
Weight: 92 lbs
Bust: 32c
20yrs old
Fettish friendly
Role play friendly
100% natural body
All natural long hair.
Eyes blue and the blue turns semi white in winter at times.

Email: [email protected]



    “Hey there thank you for checking me out.”

    I’m a freelance model from the northwest states. I’m very fun but I have that shy girl innocent appeal, and a very young girl’s hot look. Don’t mistake my size or innocent look. Dynamite cums in small packages, so if you want that bang with explosive sensual sex I’m the one you need. Because I’m so small it means I’m very tight, wet, and so juicy. I am the eye candy model you may want on an outdate but that tiny tight cheerleader who wants to sit on your lap… I’d love to give you that girlfriend experience but more than that, have every head turning to give you that status with some PDA with the model eye candy you want.

    I get mistaken for being 15, 16 yrs old a lot which is funny.

    A perfect outdate would be, going to a music concert, going out to eat (I’m tiny so don’t order too much food lol. ) then we could go back to the ranch and have some wild intense sex together.

    Love married couples, fantasies I love. I’m bi-curious/bisexual. So I need some female experience. I’m very sexual and I think it’s because I’m so tight. Size does not matter since I give that glove fit and stretch deep in me. Let’s take showers together, let me rub your body all over. While I sit on your lap as tiny as I am, touch me all over and rub my clit till you feel me dripping on your fingers. Then let’s get wild and get that explosive bang inside me till we both cum together. Ill rock out that outdate for you. And as we connect it won’t be hard… It will be so fun. I’m very laid back, easy-going, nice, and chill. Explore my body and enjoy the inside of me as we both have intense sexual pleasure together.