Astrid Allure


“A Sweet, seductive, sumptuous BBW looking to keep your hands full of pleasure and sensation.”

Hello my love, thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little bit about myself, I’m Astrid Allure, one of the most softest, seductive and sumptuous BBWs you’ll ever experience.

I would love to show you the true pleasures of how a plump and voluptuous body can fulfill your deepest and titillating fantasies. Pleasure is always my biggest priority, making you feel pleasured with a large helping of satisfaction is the greatest ambition I hold deep, and I mean deep inside of myself ;)!

Not only do I love building heavy sexual tension I also value quality time and making you feel like you’re my biggest priority. In my presence there will always be something to keep your mouth full and hands busy, there’s just so much lusciousness to grab.

I absolutely adore and am very open to spending time doing outdates and overnights!

I would be over the moon if you booked and came to visit me over here at Sagebrush Ranch, don’t be bashful.