Betty Page

Height: 5 foot — I’m tiny
Weight: 120lbs
Hair color: Naturally Black Hair
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Bust size: 32 GG — round, full, bouncy, and perky!
Waist: 28 inches — hourglass figure with a tiny middle
Hips: 36 inches — with a nice flexible booty
Specialties: GFE, outdates, overnights, weekends, and longer stays. I LOVE GFE, but I also love everything else too! I think sex should be explored to the fullest and I like to try new things too. I don’t discriminate with sex, race, color, age, or those with disabilities. You never have to be shy about telling me your fantasy so we can explore it together… you never know, it could be my fantasy too!
Twitter: @BettyPageXXX1
Instagram: BettyPageBunnyBabe

Email: [email protected]


“I love to laugh, I love to make people laugh, and I’m very down to earth.”

Hi Sweetheart!

I’m Betty Page and I can’t wait to meet you!

About me…

I love to laugh, I love to make people laugh, and I’m very down to earth. I’m originally an East Coast girl. I’ve been all over the United States, the Caribbean, and even Argentina. There are more places I want to visit so I always have my passport ready! I love living in NV most of all and am so happy to be much more available for an adventure with you! I have a degree in Forensic Psychology with concentrations in Neuroscience. I speak a few languages but not fluently. It’s respectful to show an interest in other people’s languages and cultures. I also have a geeky/nerdy playful side. I like comics, games, and dressing up as characters. I also like sports like baseball. I like the Mets and Red Socks, but my family likes the Yankee’s, which keeps it fun and interesting. I knit and crochet taught by my grandma, I love doing yoga, dance, and some martial art forms since childhood. I would love to show you some yoga positions and dance forms! I like to go camping and enjoy the outdoors with my Jeep Wrangler and I can’t wait to drive around Nevada more and go exploring with some company.


When I’m asked what I like for gifts I’m not sure what to say because I’m not a name brand kind of girl. I love experiences more than things. I love to be given flowers and am a romantic but, the best present you could give me is your personal time and company. I like to wear Victoria’s Secret lingerie and perfume for you, to look, smell, and feel like a woman should.

My type of man…

I’m often asked what my type of guy is. My type is someone you won’t see on TV or find in magazines. My type of man is a real person that has insecurities as I do. I don’t like the “perfect” image or have a “type”. When you meet someone, you connect with THEM, not their age, hair color, weight, height, or anything physical. I know and understand that you have a busy life with a lot of responsibilities, so when you make time for us to be together, I’m very grateful and see you as my sexual desire. The more time we spend together, the more you become the ideal man to me, who knows how to prioritize. I want you to tell me about your day and unburden yourself all over me. I am the woman who listens to you and the one who makes you smile again. When we’re intimate, I LOVE to be held by you, to kiss you slowly, passionately, and feel safe in your arms. I love to run my fingers along your chest, pressing my body against yours, giving you tender little kisses all over. I want you to explore me, kiss me, touch me, and taste every part of me while letting me make love to you until we can’t breathe anymore.

For dates…

A. I am a perfect companion for you at formal affairs and occasions. I would be honored as the reserved, intelligent, and beautiful lady on your arm, ready to talk about a plethora of topics.

B. For a WILDER TIME, I am also the life of the party where I’d let my hair down but, I can’t promise I wouldn’t get a little naughty with you.

C. I’d love to go out on a romantic date with you to a movie and a beautiful dinner, followed by some smooth, soft, delicious, and seductive dessert that will make you explode the moment it touches your lips.

D. I love to simply cuddle on the couch with you while wearing one of your shirts. I do have to warn you though, with the two of us together so close and warm while I kiss and nibble on your ear, we may not remember what we were watching.

E. I LOVE weekend get-a-ways where we can spend all weekend going out, staying in, and doing whatever we want. We can let the world melt away and just enjoy each other. Each night would be full of sensuality and passion. Each morning you’ll see my bright blue eyes looking at you with passion in the sunlight. It may be a while until we get out of bed!

Give me a call…

I love when you come back to see me! I always give special rates when we get to be together again. You and I know our time together is priceless and we want to spend more on enjoying life inside and outside together. When you call the Bunny hostess at 775.246.9901 let her know you’re coming to see me. When she tells me about your expected arrival, I can make sure we have a professional car ready to pick you up. If you leave a generous deposit, I may surprise you with an early greeting when picking you up! When you call the hostess will be very excited to hear from you and make sure you are treated like the very important person you are. No matter if it’s a quiet night with few couples talking intimately in soft lighting, or a crowd gathered for a fun night, she will make sure there is a space reserved especially for us.

Warm Hugs and Kisses,

Betty Page

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