Cecily Rose

Age: 26
Height: 5’5
Weight: 134 lbs
Bust: 36DD
Bi-Sexual: Yes
Kiss/GFE: Yes

Email: [email protected]


    “Perfect Body, Perfect Attitude, Perfect Girl!!!”

    Do you know what I love? I love being that girl that a man lusts after, that a guy is mega-attracted to, that is sought-after as that hottie that will satisfy all the sexual fantasies that a person could possibly have. And that’s what I do! My name is Cecily Rose, and I am a world-class VIP courtesan at the Bunny Ranch brothel just outside of the Nevada state capital of Carson City. For me, hot sex is as much an attitude as it is having to depend on looks and skills. So I start with my heart, and my genuine desire, and need, to bring sexual happiness to others. I love my “job,” and actually don’t even consider it a “job.”

    For me, it is more a mission, one that I feel very honored to be able to serve in. I thrive on another’s heat, lust, and passion–the hotter you get, the more on-fire I am!

    Be open with me, be straight-up, don’t be afraid, I am the most flexible working girl in the world. Let me know what turns you on, the more information I have, the more I can be your ideal dream girl. I take care of my body, I know that whether viewing, fondling, or pressed up against me–a fit figure is to both our advantages! Let me model for you, dance for you, and tantalize your every fiber of being.

    I can dress-up in so many different fashions, I am sure to please your particular preferences! Much will depend on whether we stay-in at the brothel, or go on an “outdate.” We are free to go out for a night on the town–clubs, restaurants, casinos, we can have a real ball! And there’s no time limit–a night, a weekend, a week, it’s all on the table! At the brothel we can also spend a short, or long time together, it’s all good! Come with me to my sexy comfortable bedroom! Whether you are a man, a lady or a couple, I am ready to party! Rough and quick, soft and romantic, something special that is kinky or fetishy?

    I do it all! Reverse cowgirl, fantasy role-play, oral sex–your pleasure is mine! I assure you, you will leave the brothel feeling flushed and refreshed–and wanting to see me again ASAP! But let’s put first things first! All that’s needed is for you to click the “Contact” button and fill-out the easy form that will appear. That comes right to me, and then I…come right to you! We exchange emails, make our date, and then have great sex! What’s not to like about that? Come on over my dear, let’s get hot together!