Ember Stone


Hello Darlin! My name is Ember Stone. I am a loyal, outgoing, passionate, southern belle from Mississippi. I love adventures and playful fun.

Along with being the biggest Disney fan, you will ever meet, I deeply crave to travel, eat new foods, learn and broaden my mind. My strong-minded and determined nature shows through, as I am very proud of my bachelor’s in Music Education and a Minor in Psychology.

I am an all-natural redhead with no tattoos. I have a submissive nature and care very deeply for all people. I am a sensitive soul that craves connection and love. I am a crazy workaholic, but I always find time for family, friends, dancing, and of course, singing!

I may not look it, but I am 30. I have a small 5’2” stature and blue eyes that I would love for you to get lost in. My deepest desire is a romantic connection, as I mostly enjoy taking the time to explore each other.

There is no need to be shy, because of my background in psychology, I am able to easily make genuine connections with everyone that I meet. I do not judge, so please talk to me about your fantasies, deepest desires, and needs. I would love to get close to you, both sexual and nonsexual. I work with all types. I enjoy men, women, couples, and virgins.

Have you ever had a Nuru massage? I absolutely love experiencing that special, full-body connection between us. It is so sensual to rub my entirely nude body, covered in oil, all over yours. It is the best way to work out all of those tense nerves and muscles.

I specialize in GF experiences. So if you are lonely and just need that holding touch, meaningful conversation, or just a fun night out, I am the perfect one for you. I would love to cuddle and watch movies, or just take a long bubble bath while drinking champagne and talk our worries away.

Whether you are just looking for that stress-free date, or a more deep, sensual, romantic touch, I can do it all. If you have any fetishes, I would love to hear about them. Even if I have never done it before, I love to explore my sexual side. I am always down to have a new sexual experience.

If all this sounds as good to you as it does to me, then don’t hesitate to send that email. I am waiting and ready to hear from you. Let’s start working towards that luxurious overnight, fun outdate,d or just that short fantastic sex that everyone craves. Don’t waste another second, you deserve that wonderful time in the bedroom or out on a date with no other than, yours truly.

I hope to leave you wanting more!

Keep an eye on the website for my current dates and times, or just contact me by email, and I will do my best to be available to you my special friend. Thank you for reading, Love always!