Freya Fyre

Feminine, Sensual, Down-to-Earth Personality
Eye Color- Mesmerizing Blue
Hair Color – Fiery Copper Red
Smile – Alluring and Genuine
Body Type – Athletic, Busty, Long Legs, Round Derriere
Bust – 36G
Height – 5’7″ (without heels)
Weight- 143 lbs
Shoe Size- 9
Kiss – GFE – Yes

Email: [email protected]

Massage/Nuru Massage – Yes
Overnight/Outdate – Yes
Fetish/Kink/Role Play – Yes!Yes!Yes!
Couples – Special Occasions – Yes
Sex Education/Improvements – Yes
Virgins – Yes
Disabilities – Yes
Interrupted Sex l.ife/Erectile Dysfunction – Yes
Smoke- No




“I want to make your blood boil with passion and set your mind ablaze with desire.”

Hello future lover, my name is Freya Fyre, the newest and hottest addition to the feisty, feline lair of lust otherwise known as the Kit Kat Ranch. I am here for you as a bonfire and beacon, a lighthouse to draw you onto the shore of your wildest and most arousing sexual fantasies! I want to make your blood boil with passion and set your mind ablaze with desire.

Let my waist-length flood of fiery copper hair fall over and around you like a secret veil as you slide into a honeypot of exquisite bliss, let the exotic lilt of my Transylvanian accent awaken a fantasy in you of a very friendly and needy Vampiress, one who needs a stake pounded not into her heart, but instead her…

As a girl in the wild Carpathian mountains, I lived with an older uncle who was a free-spirited mountain shepherd and folk musician. Under his care, in the company of his giant Mioritic sheepdogs, I was free to wander the forest and daydream like a princess from the fairytales. It was this primal and passionate natural upbringing that sets me apart and lends a rare, refreshing open-air energy to my personality.

You will find I am as easy to talk to as it is to admire a passing cloud and I am as friendly and easy-going as a butterfly on the breeze.

In fact, the butterfly was my fondest symbol and role model, somehow I knew it held the key to my destiny as a woman, which is to flutter from stem to stem, to draw the sweetest nectar from each erotic encounter I create.

In my native Transylvania, hospitality is second nature. When I take you between my butterfly wings you will feel like you’ve finally found your home, a cradle of silken moonbeams, a rocking chair for your soul.

As you enter me, let me be the perfect, velvet-lined sheath for your hard shiny sword. You will feel like a king, pampered, royal, like a sacred bull or holy stallion. My hands will enchant your skin with caresses and massage. I can feed you, shave you, groom your hair, shower you with compliments, affection, and pure-hearted tenderness – the Royal treatment… Your time with me will go on the trophy shelf of your memory, a treasure you will cherish to the very end!

I like to consider myself a sexual artist, a Priestess of Passion, a lover overflowing with uninhibited, but most of all responsive nymph-like erotic electricity. I orgasm easily and often, my lips have never been able to contain the sounds of my shuddering pleasure, I am loud in bed and I love being so. My creamy white skin often turns splotchy and red when I’m cumming, it makes me itch and burns and yearns for more. I desperately crave to be grabbed, touched, man-handled…I love dirty talk and sensual whispers.

Sometimes in the throes of passion, I feel like I’m about to unlock a new language or find the keys to a new religion.

Speaking of religion, I have taken the name Freya as a tribute to the fiery northern Scandinavian goddess of love and lust who so inspired my early erotic imagination as a teenage girl living through the cold white winters high in the mountains. I felt her in the shimmering cascade of the Northern Lights, her scintillating radiance, her fire contrasting with ice.

Let me welcome you, lover. Let me bring you in from the cold cruel world, cum to my sanctuary and warm the stiff aching bone of your desire in the secret hearth of Freya’s Fyre!



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