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“So many people wonder why anyone would do what I do.”

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To My Client,

I am so happy to meet you. My name is Kylie Rose I am a petite bunny at 4’10, I have long brown hair and seductive hazel eyes. I am in my mid-20s but I also look rather young. I cannot wait to show you my fit body with perky size 32 B breasts. I take good care of my body and love to do yoga every morning. I am well versed in various fetishes. I have the tiniest feet and have to search far and wide for shoes at a women’s size 4. If you have a foot fetish I am the perfect girl for you. I enjoy reading, writing and being in nature. I would love to enjoy an outdate with you and go hiking. I also love to be pampered we could also go on an outdate where we go for a nice dinner. There are many possibilities and so many new and exciting adventures. No two experiences are alike and I promise when you come to visit me you each time will be a rush. I am bisexual and I love to have 2 girl experiences so if a threesome is something you have to check off your bucket-list please consider me as part of your fantasy.

Other things you might like to know…

I grew up in Pennsylvania and I went to Catholic School (yes you read that right I am a catholic school girl). I currently reside in South Florida and love living on the beautiful intercostal. I am a huge tech nerd. I have many computers and I am well versed in web design, user experience as well as programming. I have been in the adult industry for the majority of my adult life. I have done cam modeling, porn films, modeling, and fetish. So you can be certain I know a little thing or two about how to please someone and create the ideal fantasy.

Favorite Experiences …

— Fantasy & Fetish
— VIP Parties
— Massage
— Sexual Role Play
— Dinner Dates

& More do not hesitate to ask me so we can have the best experience possible.

Interesting Things…

Current Book I am Reading:
Bluefishing – Steve Sims

Favorite Candy:
Godiva Chocolate

Favorite Food:

Favorite Color:
You guessed it.. red

FUN FACT: Rose is actually the chosen name that was my conformation name in Catholic School.

What I love about people…

So many people wonder why anyone would do what I do. Well, let me get you a quick tour of what I think… There are things about people that I find alluring and beautiful. It could be the way that someone looks at me. Maybe when we are having a conversation someone smiles or laughs. I find everyone to be unique and interesting in their own way. We all have unique perspectives and experiences and what is really amazing is I get to learn about you. I get to step in your shoes for a moment and connect with you on a deeper level. One thing I am often told is that I not only connect with people on a physical level but also a mental and emotional level.

So what do you think?

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