Marilyn Baker

Age: 26
Height: 5’10” Without Heels
Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Bust Size: 32dd
Bisexual: Yes
Instagram: @iammarilynbaker

Email: [email protected]


“An avid cosplayer who makes their own cosplay outfits…”

Hey, everyone, I am Marilyn Baker, your Midwestern Girl Next Door. Thank you so much for visiting my profile.

A little about me: I have a Bachelors degree, part of the BDSM lifestyle (always finding new parts), an avid cosplayer who makes their own cosplay outfits, and partially a geek at heart who loves books and anime.

My ideal outdates is one where you allow me to become your true companion and are willing to share your truest self.
I love to see what makes people light up and feel alive!

I am sure to feel overwhelmingly privileged that you chose to spend your time with me, as we explore your favorite activities and create a genuine bond before we retire to explore each other more intimately. Anything that is exciting and unique I’m sure to love, as long as I’m with you! We can be best friends and lovers for our time together.

I would love to explore Nevada with you anything from a rustic mountain trail to a seductive dinner by candlelight. We can explore together in and out of the bedroom. I have never been to Lake Tahoe or Las Vegas and you would be my favorite tour guide or we can find our way together!

I know it’s hard to choose from so many beautiful ladies, However, I am a very understanding and patient companion who will never taunt or chastise you for your desires.

In fact, I would love to celebrate our differences and try new things. My biggest turn-off is a judgmental attitude because we are all different in our own way and that mystery is the most enticing puzzle.

Now, if you’re asking what my favorite parties are they largely consist of playtime!

There will always be that sexy electricity in every way, but let you and I imagine a fantasy that transcends the average.
Roleplay, Costumes, Cosplay, and Fantasy scenario are my favorite. I treasure the unique perspective you bring to the table and am tickled you might choose me as a partner.

Outdates are great and allow us to take our experience and elevate it from just the erotic to being best friends and confidants.
I love couples and always congratulate you on being brave enough to bring in a play partner. You have to be commended for your commitment to keeping that spark alive through a variety of experience.

I am mostly a dominant personality with many referring to me as “goddess” and providing service, tributes, and gifts. I am a student of many various disciplines of kink and fetish. I am part of the BDSM community and have my leather and latex in the closet. This type of play also includes feminization and training to help you improve the person you wish to be. I am a lover of animals and am looking to adopt some puppies, kittens, and ponies for training. I’ll even provide you with a collar so you don’t get lost!

Email me now, so we can start putting the pieces of our date together today!

[email protected]


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