Olivia Bentley

Email: [email protected]
115 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Most Favored Party Requests: Girlfriend Experience, Outdates, Role Playing, Toys, Couples, Anal, S&M, Bondage, Feet, 3way, & Orgies. Don’t see what you want? Please reach out and ask, I am open-minded and I can even recommend a good provider if it’s not my thing. No judgments.


    “I look forward to turning your fantasy into reality…”

    Hi! Thank you for checking me out! A little about me, I’m a connoisseur of yummy, erotic body care. A seasoned professional, I create unforgettable experiences.

    I’ll be your electrifying porn star or your sweet, sensual girlfriend. Maybe a little bit of both…

    I do threesomes, group parties and top of the line outdates. I orgasm to oral, vaginal, and anal parties.

    I appreciate how good my clients take care of me and I reciprocate generously. I’m cuddly and affectionate, I like to maintain eye contact with you.

    Kissing is an important connection for arousal with some of my clients. I’m open to making out with clean shaven gentlemen who keep excellent hygiene.

    I love learning from people through enlightening conversations, giggling over dinner and pillow talk; being an all-around, supportive person.

    Fitness and health have been a consistency in my life. I also value quality family time and travel. I can’t wait to get to know you! I can text and talk with you on the phone. I look forward to turning your fantasy into reality…

    Genuinely Yours,

    Olivia Bentley

    [email protected]