Roxanne Price

Age: 22
Height: 5’6″ – 5’9″ with heels
Weight: 140 lbs
Waist: 22″
Bust: 38D
Hair Color: Brunette
Eyes: Hazel

Email: [email protected]


I am available now!

Hours: 9 am – 9pm
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I am Roxanne Price, a legally licensed companion that offers discreet services exclusively from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North located in Carson City, Nevada. My main specialties include “The Girlfriend Experience”, “First Time Virgins”, and “Two Girl Parties”.

I specialize in providing intimate encounters, also known as the “Girlfriend Experience”. Each guest that I spend time with is special to me, and your date will be tailored to your own preferences. I aim to empower my partner sexually and emotionally, while focusing on keeping the mood between us authentic.

My companionship is exclusively compensated for at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North in Carson City, Nevada. This allows me the freedom to provide escorting services in the Reno Tahoe Vegas area, without the hassle of it being against the law. All transactions are 100% legal with discreet billing in mind.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what our encounter will be like, but rest assured knowing that I am a professional companion with a no strings attached policy. Intimacy is one of the most basic human needs, really the only thing that we need to be committed to is enjoying each other in the moment! Think of it as being “friends with benefits”, only better.

The “Girlfriend Experience” is my most sought after and favorite type of encounter. My approach is to go with the flow and do whatever feels good in the moment, this means lots of flirtatious talk and stealing kisses along the way. My ideal GFE is when can we take things slow and build up the romance by laughing, cuddling, exchanging cute words, sharing meals, all while anticipating each other’s bodies.

Hello and welcome, Roxanne here!

Have you ever entertained the thought of spending some quality time with a Legal Luxury Courtesan? Here at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North I offer my companionship in every way imaginable! Whether you’re in need of a spontaneous encounter with a young lady such as myself, or if you’re wanting an intimate vacation with a discreet companion, my services are open to you. I’ll be excited to provide an experience that will satisfy your urges and fulfilling fantasies is definitely a kink of mine! Some of the things that I enjoy catering to are the Girlfriend Experience, Threesomes, Virgins, In Dates and Out Dates.

I’m an established/local Courtesan. I adore my career, and I’m so thankful to be here. I grew up on the gulf, so I love anything to do with fun in the sun! I’m a total geek, and I embrace anything within the nerd culture, so if you’re looking for a companion that can hold her own in a conversation about video games, well you’ve found your match! For dates I enjoy visiting museums, concerts, fine dining, hiking, spa days, etc. In dates are just as fun, I could cuddle in bed all day long with my partner if the mood is right. My compassion and sensitivity know no bounds, and I believe these traits make it easy for me to be the best at what I do. I’m intellectually inclined in the best ways, and always open to discussing thought provoking subjects. I can be full of charisma but I also find peace in lending an ear just to listen at times. My favorite part of what I do is building a long lasting relationship, and experiencing a gradual bond along the way. You’d be surprised how something so simple can be mutually therapeutic! I’m energetic, an open communicator, mature, and naturally beautiful. Some would say I’m the whole package.

Yours Truly,
Roxanne Price Xoxo

Excerpts from Devoted Clients:

“Roxanne is either one of the greatest courtesans out there and can become the lady with perfect chemistry or else she and I really had perfect chemistry. She got my jokes without explaining, she picked up on my using humor for conversation and kidded back with me. She loved my boldness and I loved her confidence. She totally went beyond my expectations of her- absolutely gorgeous, the hourglass figure I was reading about and imagining, such a great conversationalist. I won’t say she could always do this, but I had come by early afternoon on a slow weekday, so Roxanne sat with me and made up for us not knowing each other well. We talked, we laughed, we shared, we negotiated, I even went for BBQ and ate with her when I came back. Roxanne made me have to have her.”

“It’s clear she’s just a naturally really sweet human being. We ended up having a bomb-ass steak lunch, and I have to stress, she is, again, incredibly easy to talk to, and I could listen to her talk for hours. She did amazing things for my confidence, and I could not have asked for a kinder, sweeter, sexier, more patient, and more entrancing woman to surrender my V-card to. She really could be an excellent therapist of any kind, and I’m glad I got a chance to know her the way I did. Thank you for everything Roxanne, you’re an amazing woman. “

“Roxanne is a special girl to me and I’m glad that I got to spend my time with her. She is authentic in every way and always tries to make the best out of the time we shared. We had chemistry pretty much since I message her back in late February, which was very lucky on my part. But she cultivated that connection with a no pressure, no bullshit approach. Hopefully, during my next visit she’ll be around so I can spend even more time with her. She is my sweet Texan princess that doesn’t wear panties.”

“Roxanne Price is thoughtful, quick with a compliment, and truly aims to please. She awakened a hunger in me and a boost in confidence that I’ll tentatively carry back into the dating scene. Don’t miss a chance to spend some time with her!”

Email: [email protected]

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How to Contact Roxanne!
I want to be fresh and ready for you, so just know that if you book me in advance by leaving a deposit with set dates that I will be able to completely remove myself from the floor the day of.

Once we’ve agreed on a time and a date you can call the Love Ranch North at 775-246-7077 extension 0. Let the receptionist know that you’d like to place the deposit to secure our appointment, and she will be sure to take care of the rest for you!

This is the best way to reserve time with me because a few perks immediately follow afterwards! Once you call in you can let the receptionist know when you’ll be arriving and she can schedule you a no charge pick up/ drop off to make your travels easier.

We also offer our customers a discounted hotel rate with upgrades available, you can check out Gold Dust West Casino for more information on that. I’m excited to hear from you and be able to create memories together. Talk to you soon!

*DISCLAIMER: I cannot discuss my rates for services I provide through text communication. The only place Nevada state law allows me to negotiate rates is inside Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North.*


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