Ruby Rae

Height: 5’4” without heels
Weight: 125 lbs.
Bust: 34d
Hair Color: Red, and all-natural!
Eyes: Blue
In Four Words… : Playful, Brainy, Sensual, and Genuine
Specialties: Girlfriend Experience, Outdates, and two-girl experiences
Kink friendly: Perhaps, based on the kink
Drink/smoke: Sauvignon Blanc white wine, and no
Personality type: INFJ
Astrological sign: Aquarius sun, Pisces moon, Pisces rising, and Pisces venus
Twitter: Instagram – @therubyrae

Email: [email protected]


“Learning about your fantasies and how I can fulfill those excites me…”

You – A man who desires intimacy and a sense of connection that will make you forget your stresses and worries, and bring you to a state of natural bliss. Maybe you haven’t had an intimate encounter in a while, whether it be from a tiresome work schedule or stuck in a sexual rut. Maybe you’re just looking for a new experience that you haven’t had before, or looking to live life a little adventurously. You wish to feel the touch of a woman and to be able to gaze at her beauty. You crave a mental connection just as much as the physical. If you can resonate with this, then I offer my time and energy to you…

Me – A young woman who is equal parts diligent student and a sensual paramour. Currently in graduate school for my Masters, I have always had a strong passion for learning. My days are usually filled with classes and research. My work as a professional lover is my escape from my own everyday routine. Learning about your fantasies and how I can fulfill those excites me, and I appreciate all the many kinds of people I meet in this community. I am introverted by nature, even though most would consider me outgoing by first impression. My strongest skill is connecting with individuals one-on-one. I love making connections and building on that first initial experience together. But don’t be fooled — as much as I love a serious, deep conversation, I am also incredibly silly and playful! As we get to know each other more, you will see my quirks come out more and more. The passions that fill my life are those of film, yoga, reading, academics, astrology, and traveling. I have traveled to nine countries and also explored extensively around the US. My favorite type of meeting is one that includes dinner, dessert, and time under the sheets.

Us – What I desire most from this experience is an authentic connection, as I hate to feel as if anything is forced. I am selective with who I see, but this is really for both of our benefit. If you are a person that views companionship as way to combine the mental with the physical, then I am who you’ve been looking for. If you are someone who enjoys a mixture of intimate conversation with an erotic rendezvous, then you have found your girl. If you are looking for the girl-next-door, who is equal parts playful and genuine, along with the redheaded siren, who is equal parts naughty and sensual, then you have found the perfect match. As much as I hope you enjoy my company, you need not keep me on a pedestal. I am perfectly happy with us being equals and active participants in our time together. I appreciate a man who is as eager to please as I am. All I ask is respect and an open-mind.

Next – If you’ve decided that you would like to get better acquainted, please don’t be shy! I would love to hear from you at [email protected] or you can send me a contact request. I am local so I always do my best to accommodate appointments. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully this is just the beginning…

Thoughts from some of my regular patrons on their experiences:

“To me though, the best part about Ruby is how easy it is to talk to her. For this last visit, I booked a relatively long party with her, so we had plenty of time to relax and chat. She had no problem at all cuddling up with me and getting in some good pillow talk. We never had to endure any kind of awkward silence and at no time did I ever feel like the conversation was forced. Her personality is that perfect mix of sweet and sexy, while being 100% genuine and real. I’m definitely coming back for a third go around.”

“Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to Ruby for being so awesome, funny, insightful, and such a joy to be around! It’s much appreciated for everything you do! You put a smile on my face long after I see you, and trust me, it’s priceless to be back at work, and still be full of excitement and positive energy after seeing you!!!”

“I’m sure that Ruby makes everyone she meets feel special, maybe that’s why we all love her so. She’s an amazing, giving woman. I’ve written before of her physical beauty, and the joy that she brings. Those qualities remain and continue to haunt my dreams. But as she reveals herself to you, I think the beauty of her soul reminds me why I want to be a better man.”

“Ruby and I had planned an outdate – dinner and party evening. I had done this on a previous trip and it was such a great time, I had to do it again…They say that variety is the spice of life, but I have loved sticking with Ruby, she is just that special.”


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