Serena Marie

Age: 28
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5″2
Bust: 34B
Waist: 26
Hips: 34

Email: [email protected]


“A venturesome and life-loving GFE paramour.”

Hi, thanks for taking the time to check out my profile and bio. Let me introduce myself. I’m originally a Southern-belle from Georgia, and yes, I taste like a peach! ?However, I’ve been living in Southern California for many years, so I’m pretty much a Cali girl now! I love traveling to the mountains, different beaches, and internationally. California and Georgia both have amazing beaches and mountains. Yet, in California, I love the fact that I can be hiking in the canyons then at the beach in the same day!

I love going for hikes with my dog and he loves the beach like I do. Traveling has always been my dream. So far, I’ve been to Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland. My favorite city is Paris- the city of love and romance. I fell in love with the beauty of the city, the food and it’s history. There are many more countries I’d love to visit because I enjoy learning about different cultures, trying different foods, and learning the history of places. My next trip will hopefully be to Prague and Amsterdam. Then I hope to explore Asia, Central America, Indonesia and Australia. Yet, I would love to do a road trip across America as well. When I was a kid, I traveled cross country with my parents from Florida to California a few times. Since then, I’ve always had a desire to roam and explore the world.

When I was in college, my favorite subjects were art, literature and sociology. Which is probably why I love learning about different cultures and appreciating the beauty and history of our planet. I consider myself an excellent travel companion. I like to go on outdates to Lake Tahoe for boat rides, hiking or skiing; or to Reno to see concerts or comedy shows; or Virginia City to see the old West. I am also fond of romantic dinners. I have a sweet and reserved nature, yet I am social and fond of conversation. I have a big heart and love deeply. I love animals, so if you’re an animal lover, I like you already!

I have exquisite taste and like the finer things in life, yet I also believe in appreciating and enjoying the simple things. I love to be pampered and in return, I love to pamper back. If you’re good to me, I’ll spoil you with my love and affection. People ask me if I really enjoy what I do. The answer is yes! I love what I do because I’ve always been a sexual person and I love men, but it’s not all about the sex. I consider my job to be part therapist, masseuse, nurse, friend, sexual teacher and sexual Goddess. So come and let me take care of all your needs. I hope we can build a relationship and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Yours truly,

Serena Marie

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