Stacy Pretty

Height: 5’9″
Bust: 36 D
Build: Athletic

Email: [email protected]


“Hello, I’m Stacy Pretty!”

I’m a new lover at the Kit Kat North and an exotic French/black mix.

My measurements are:

36D (Yes I am Busty ? and my height is a stunning tall 5’9″ (Imagine me in heels! )

I love basketball.

I also model and collect sneakers (I have 400 pairs so far) and no they’re not heels! Lol

I have been collecting sneakers for 5 years now.

I have a few tattoos and a lot of piercings.

I am very fun and outgoing!

Very open minded and always looking for a great time ?

I am submissive but when needed I can be very dominate >:)

I was born in a Nashville, Tn. I grew up in a small town in Missouri located down in what we called the boot heel.

I lived there from the age of 4 until the age of 14. From there I moved to El Paso, Texas, where I attended 8th grade at Paso Del Northe. In middle school is where I picked up my love for basketball and also played volleyball.

After graduating middle school, I attended high school at El Dorado, where I continued to play basketball and even picked up running track and field after the coach had continuously pressured me to join.

I finally gave in and ran the 100 meter dash, 400 meter dash, also the 100 and 400 meter relay race. I did win many medals in track and I still have those medals today.

After graduating high school, I had 3 scholarship to play college basketball.

Sadly, I couldn’t take those scholarships because my family had to be stationed in Fayetteville, Nc. While I was in Fayetteville I helped take care of my mother. She started to feel a lot better so I took her and my sister on a trip to the Virgin Islands.

Which actually was where I had my first photo shoot and it inspired me to continue on with that journey.

My mother arranged my shoot and everything as if she was my personal manager! It was so cute to see her so happy coaching me through the shoot. We had so much fun we cried on the plane leaving to home! Haha!!

I lived in Fayetteville for a year and a half before finally moving back to El Paso to live but traveled back and forth between there and Hobbs, New Mexico; where I attended college.

On my weekends I would drive back to El Paso from college to do my modeling. I started off with a modeling agency before finally branching off on my own where I did really great! I was published 4 times in different magazines.

I did everything when it came to modeling. I did runway shows, nude, fetish shoots, glamour and fashion and while doing all of that I went to college for nursing.

So after doing many years of modeling, I took a break to focus on major things going on in my life and I tried to work at a normal job. I first worked at a car dealership. I didn’t favor that job AT ALL! Very long hours and very little pay. Then I worked at a call center. I loved the environment and people but it was still not enough for me. So I decided to get back into what I love. Now look at me ? Im back, ready to model and work with my beautiful friends at the Kit Kat Ranch.

I am currently available at Kit Kat North 24/7 Until further notice ?

Email me at [email protected] to set up an appt.

or call 775-246-7077 ?

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