Delilah Rae


Do you have secrets and desires you want to share? Those little things you need in your life that you haven’t quite found yet. We all want to touch, taste, feel and see all the world has to offer. Sadly, we are often limited in what we can explore in ourselves and others. Luckily all those taboos and limitations fall away when you enter my room. Secrets become shared experiences and every desire is chased after to completion.

I want to hear your deepest desires and make them realities in the comfort and safety of my room or one of our VIP Suites. Tell me all your kinks and fetishes you haven’t had the chance to explore yet. We can explore them together! Who says the night has to end? I’m excited to book an overnight party with you where we can truly take our time and explore each other over and over again. I can’t wait to share new memories with you! Below you’ll find my specialties, photos and schedule.

Feel free to email me and we can connect!

GFE and Spicy GFE
What’s more fun than a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets? The serious, studious girl who turns into the sexy heroine the minute the glasses come off. We’ve all fantasized about the cheerleader after all. As a gymnast, pole dancer, and a yoga student you can take me out to a fine meal where first we stoke the fires with good food, wine and conversation. Afterwards I lead you to a world of passion and sensation. Let me overwhelm you with passion, fire and intimacy.

When is the last time you had someone cater to your every whim? The perfect girlfriend when you want her and zero drama when life becomes busy. Come see how I can ease away every stress with my gentle touch and soft smile.

Maybe you’re not alone- maybe you and your wife or girlfriend are looking for that special person to spice up your love life. Well, I promise you a threesome with me is unparalleled. Maybe one of you wants to only watch? Anything and everything is possible with me. As a bisexual lady I adore everybody and every body that comes into my room.

I respect your relationship while being excited to add to it for a short time. Explore everything a third person has to offer without it impacting your lives outside my bedroom.

First time in a while? First time ever?
Maybe it’s your first time or it’s been a long time- that’s ok! I’m here to make a unique experience just for you. We can go slow or fast or both! Who says we have to be one and done? You will feel like a king knowing that our pleasure is always mutual. You will leave my bed confident in not only your own pleasure but confident in your ability to share that pleasure with any future partner. Learning and remembering with me is a sensual hands on experience that will leave us both sated.
Why deny yourself all the pleasures and sensations our bodies have to offer?

Military and Veterans
Serving our country is one of the greatest duties someone can be called too. I want to service those who serve us! Let me know when you email me and show proof of active or past service and I’ll add extra time to our party!

I also am a Nurses Assistant and I am more than comfortable helping navigate physical and other types of disabilities! I specialize in helping people of all abilities explore every aspect of sexuality and sensuality. I am also familiar with most adaptive aids and comfortable working with them! There are so many ways we can explore each other in my bedroom.

I specialize in Parkinson’s specifically, along with MS, ALS, and other degenerative conditions. Reach out to discuss your needs and how I can make any worry melt away before you ever arrive in my bedroom.

Autism, ADHD and other Neurodivergence
Did you know that many people with ADHD also experience sexual dysfunction? Are you neurodivergent and unsatisfied with the sex you’re having? Come to me to learn how to better connect your brain with your body to have more fulfilling, pleasurable sex!

In my room there is no preconceived judgements about Autism, ADHD or other forms of neurodivergence. Just a sensual, educated lady who knows how to work with you to give you the adventure of a lifetime.

Trauma Informed Sex Provider
I am one of Nevada’s only trauma informed sex providers. This means I’ve done advanced education in how traumatic events (even non-seuxual trauma) can impact human sexuality. I create a space for you to come and find comfort, education and a safe space to navigate how trauma has impacted one’s sexuality. Together we identify sexual goals and come up with a plan to work toward them. With compassion, education and expertise we work together to find your best sexual self. Email me to see how we can work together.

E. D.
Maybe your bodies don’t work the same way it used to. This can be very frustrating and severely impact your sex life. Once you’re in my bed any fear or insecurity will fall away. I can show you all the tips and tricks to make the sex you will have better than the sex you have had. I like to call this experience body reconnection- you’ll discover pleasure you never knew you could have.

LGBTQ+ Community
I am a bisexual lady and I have lots of experience with the trans and gender non conforming community. Maybe gender and sexuality is something you want to explore! Let’s explore together! Trans ladies and guys are more than welcome in my room and you will always feel comfortable and accepted with me. Our time together will cater to your needs sexually and nonsexually. Come to my room and experience respect, discretion and comfort!

Tambien hablo Espanol. I also can sign in American Sign Language although you may have to be patient with me!

Contact me and Tour Dates
I’m ready to explore everything two (or more) bodies have to offer! I am a traveling lady and plan my tours around appointments. If I’m not on the schedule for your visit, email me and I’ll work to make sure I’m here for you! I always grant extra time and consideration to appointments! I also will send my phone number and a full face photo to appointments with a confirmed deposit.

Our adventure is only an email away- let’s explore each other.

My current tour dates are:

Dec. 2nd-8th
Jan. 6th-12th
Feb. 3rd-12th
March 8th-17th
April 7th-16th