My chest is homegrown & all natural. Much like my lifestyle and habits. I deeply appreciate natural fiber clothing and organic foods. Healthy foods = healthy and great tasting kitty. I’m taking a one year private apprenticeship in tantric practices and if you’d like to be part of my practice sessions this year the books are open.

I used to be a beekeeper and farm hand in Sonoma County and those were days that I hold dear to the formation of my current life interests, desires and goals. Life is so rich when you seek the opportunity to care for life; whether that’s expressed in caring for a garden, tending to goats or bees or babies, it’s enriching and rewarding.

When you offer yourself to service that is in alignment with seeing life grow on through giving a tender presence and attentiveness that shows consistent love and support a different kind of flower blooms in your heart.

All flowers turn towards the Sun and in this case the Sun is a metaphor for what would be the light in your life. The Sun in my case would be music (folk mostly), poetry, art done with natural elemental components and gardening.

One day I’d like to have a 5 acre property dedicated to the arts and the growing of fruit trees that people can pick from and flowers. It’d have a pond, an open kitchen, a creators space, a dance hall, a library and a small butterfly enclosure. There’s more to the business model but that’s what I’m working towards while I’m here, saving up for the property of my dreams.

So tell me, what makes the flower in your heart turn towards the Sun?

What I’m looking for:
I’m looking for long term arrangements with regular lovers who appreciate sensuality and long sessions. I’m kink friendly and all you have to do is ask about what you’re interested in experiencing.

A perfect outdate:
We go to an art museum or horse back riding, then grocery shopping and then to an airbnb where I make dinner and we flirt around each other and then make hot, sensual, slow rising love for a few hours.

Come see me soon, and please bring flowers, there’s a special gift I throw in for those who do bring the flowers.