Build: Hourglass
Height: 5’4
Weight: 120 lbs
Bust: 34B
GFE: Yes Please!

Email: [email protected]


    “Horny Free-Spirit!”

    Hey, you dolls out there! I am Mercedes, a new brand of free-spirit courtesan at the Bunny Ranch brothel! It is truly an amazing place and I am happy to be here!! I am a super-friendly always-sexy and flirty girl. I love meeting new men who think I’m foxy! I think you are hot too and I want in my bed and know we can have some fun together! 🙂 I’m cute and sexy, charismatic, and an uplifting Bunny.

    I am also a bit of a hippie at heart, using astrology (with your permission!) to get to know you more intimately; and perhaps include crystals to amplify our session. A bit about my natal chart: My sensual, loving Venus is conjunct with my earthy, sensual Taurus (That is a lot of Venus energy!) My Chart Ruler is the Sun, so you can expect me to be a fully authentic person as the Sun just shines so brightly. I like to play off whatever energy you bring to the table and throw it back to you with love and pleasure, and a bit dose of flirtiness.

    Look into my wide-open blue eyes– and you will see a dynamic minx who will suit your passion no matter your sexual preferences, tastes, and desires! I go with the flow, and am down for anything naughty! Outdates are great, and really any romantic encounter is just fine with me. We have many party options here at the ranch, but the thing I want to do most is meet you and spend some quality time with you.

    I’m your all-inclusive GFE! I am in perfect health, with yoga, natural food, and lots of exercises keeping me fit and trim and tasty just for…You.

    The girls here ask me what kind of sex I like best–and I say, well, really? Any which way is just fantastic with me!…up, down, sideways, in the air, you name it! I am an energetic yoga chick…catch me!

    You can make a date with me by contacting our office at 775-246-9901. I am available anytime for you Tuesday-Saturday, just be sure to leave a deposit to hold our date! You want to be in my bed, believe me, you do!

    Make your move, I’m a sure thing!

    Love, Mercedes