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Social Forum Cheat Sheet

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Logging in:
  • Located at
  • Click the “Login or Register” tab in the upper right, a popup will show where you can enter your username and password – click Login to login or Register for new users.
  • Once logged in, you can hover over your username in the upper right corner and a menu will drop down allowing you to fill in your personal details, social media accounts, etc
  • If it’s the first message…Click on a person’s name or picture, click “Start a Conversation”, Type in a Title, Type in the message, click “Start a conversation”
  • Responses by the other person will show in “Inbox” in the upper right corner, click to view it
  • To Respond, click the message you want to respond to, then scroll down to the bottom where it allows you to enter text – type your reply and click “Post Reply”
  • Click on the social forum name to view its posts (E.g. “General for Nevada Escorts”)
  • Click on a Post to view the content and its replies
  • To make a new post – click on the main forum so that you’re looking at it, then click the “Post New Thread” button, type a title in the title box, then type the post text in the large box, then scroll down and click the “Create Thread” button.
  • To reply to a post – Click on the post you want to reply to, scroll to the end, where you will see a box to type text (you can also insert pictures and videos in this box). When you have entered the text and pics you want, click “post reply”
  • To integrate with Twitter (which will allow you to sign in with Twitter and post message board posts to your twitter feed) – hover over username in upper right corner and choose “External Accounts” – in the window that appears click “Associate With Twitter” (you must be logged into the Twitter account you wish to associate – if not it will ask you). It will briefly redirect you back and forth to Twitter, then ask you for your message board password. Once you have entered it. The accounts will be tied together. You can then use the “login with twitter” button or “Tweet” buttons.
Not open for further replies.