Charlie Rose


“I’m a very sexual woman who loves to be with true gentlemen.”

Hi, my name is Charlie Rose, and welcome to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. Let me take you on a journey down to the Bunny Ranch and experience every inch of our bodies together. I always look forward to exploring and finding new adventures to go on both in the bedroom and outside.

You will find me to be a very attentive lady, I love meeting people from all walks of life and I pride myself as a person who truly listens to others. I am a happy person who does her best to bring laughter and fun wherever I go!!!

I have skills and talents that I know you will never forget!

Some of my likes are: Sex, Exploring outdoors, Hiking, Kayaking/boating, Skateboarding Horseback riding or riding you, Traveling, Going Out, Dinner, Cooking, Working out, and Yoga (I am very flexible).

So come take a great and relaxing time with me here at the Bunny Ranch. You will never be bored and we can learn a lot about each other.


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