Kiki Lover



“I love building excitement for as long as possible.”

As a hand knocks on the door and the handle turns, your heart leaps. In the doorway, we stand for a moment, and then time resumes. We talk, lying beside each other. I smile a wicked little grin. Your eyes trace the curves of my body; you’re surprised by the intensity of my gaze.

I’ve been asked how I seem so experienced at such a young age. The answer is simple: I’ve always pursued my passions, which is in pleasure. There’s a reason why you’re here, why you’re reading this. We all need a little sweetness in our lives, and I am an expert at wish-fulfillment. Give me a hint of what you want, and I’ll introduce you to whatever you’ve been craving.

I want to learn with you; I want to show you the depths and heights that can be reached when you share a room with a beautiful girl with an open mind and a shameless smile.
I want you to feel good, to feel cared for. I know just a little bit about nearly everything, with a voracious appetite to learn more.

I’m an accomplished Lover, I’d love to hear more about whatever has been rolling around in your head lately. I love building excitement for as long as possible. Long conversations filled with coy contact, teasing you, You’ll catch the mischievous look in my eyes and watch my lips move, hungrily.

I have a soft spot for sweet treats; if you’re sweet to me, I’ll be extra sweet to you. Kindness is the attribute I am most attracted to; if you have a generous heart, you’ll sneak your way into mine.

Send me a little note via my email, and we’ll be plotting a rendezvous in no time. [email protected]