(9)  SeXXyy Facts about ME:

  1. I tried out for PLAYBOY – I bombed so HARD
  2. I went to BURNING MAN alone
  3. I love the OUTDOORS – Snowboarding, Camping, Hiking, Whitewater Rafting
  4. I love the INDOORS – Cuddling, Movies, Foreplay, Cooking, Games, Champagne 
  5. I want to start a company and become someone that changes the world; even a lil’
  6. I bought a Cherry Red 1970 MGB 4 speed with no power steering and no top 
  7. My 1stBI-SEXUAL experience was at age 11 – I put a sock in my shorts at summer camp
  8. I found a couple on Craigslist, they were SEX THERAPISTS, looking for a UNICORN. They had a round bed overlooking Golden Gate Park and served me Red Wine & Choc. Covered Strawberries
  9. I have a degree in FINE ARTS – Le Cordon Bleu and am an accredited PASTRY CHEF

**BOOK ME to get to know even MORE**

1-775-246-5683 or Email @ [email protected]

Things that I LOVE:

  1. Marilyn Monroe
  2. Victor Rolfe – Flower Bomb
  3. Outfits that make me FEEL Sexxy, Powerful – that command a room
  4. A MAN that knows what he WANTS
  5. Coffee, a Joint and a Bagel – perfect Morning
  6. Being with a MAN that appreciates ME
  7. Doing Crazy Wild Things spontaneously 
  8. Always being a REBELOUS Troublemaker, and getting in trouble – so FUN
  9. Cocktail, Great View, Sexy MAN rubbing on my leg, up my DRESS – perfect EVENING
  10. Traveling to NEW places an experiencing NEW things

What makes you DIFFERENT than other ladies?

I am extremely attentive and thoughtful with my lovers. I am affectionate, sensual and naughty, for you to TASTE, TOUCH & FEEL – whenever you’re in the mood for something SWEET.
A delicious TRUFFLE so good, you’ll want seconds. I can be ANYTHING you desire. I have a 6th sense and usually can FEEL what you WANT, but I’m a great listener, so go ahead and tell ME all your DIRTY Secrets and I promise I won’t TELL a soul. It’ll be just between YOU & ME. 

What kind of parties do you enjoy or specialize in?

I am an absolute vixen behind closed doors…. shhhh…don’t tell anyone!!!!!!!

Easily aroused by so many things -I never get bored. I have an insatiable appetite for all things NAUGHTY. Ready to get into something dirty, sexy, cool? Here are some of the things I am into – just to WET your appetite.

BDSM, Couples, Sex Parties, Sub/Dom, Voyeurism, Toys, Cosplay, Role Playing, DP, Long BJ’s, Squirting, Pegging, Muse, Outdates, Arm Candy, GFE or even a FRIEND.


EMAIL: [email protected]

CALL: 1-775-246-5683

PAGE: https://www.bunnyranch.com/forum/index.php?members/lacytruffles.16598/



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