Payton Sterling

Payton Sterling


When we meet, I wonder what you’ll notice first. Will it be the curves of my body, agonisingly enticing as I saunter my way towards you? My gaze, intelligent and innocent, and ever so warm as I greet you? Or perhaps is it my luxurious black hair, darker than secrets and the midnight sky? I certainly am just as curious and delighted to dive into you.

I’m a lover of beautiful experiences: the most tantalising massages, candlelit dinners, and teasing apart each other’s brains before you undress me to find my undeniably decadent skin, irresistibly soft, and a scent that you can’t help but wonder… But I won’t let you dwell for long, you’ll be searching in my tender hazel eyes, wandering your gaze over my most enchanting assets, becoming addicted to my voice in your ears…
And when I’m gone, I hope you see me in your dreams. Appearing as a breath of my scent that you can still remember. The touch of my skin barely lingering on your fingertips – too far. The places that we connected burn fresh until we see each other again.

Whether it is a weekend getaway, lovers’ reunion, a first time experience, or exploring new parts of ourselves. I know we will write a story together that can only be recounted with hushed voices and in the most treasured corners of our memories.

I enjoy warm connections and engagements with individuals I meet with and prefer longer arrangements. Dinner dates are my favorite way to get to know you.

I’m so glad you found me, taken an interest and the time to see if we might be a match!