How to Fully Enjoy Your Nevada Escort

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Finding an unforgettable Nevada escort is easy, and you’ll have a helluva lot more fun if you practice a few gentlemanly habits to treat your special lady right.
When you meet your sexy escort, the first words out of your mouth should be a fond greeting and compliments. “You look stunning tonight” works infinitely better than “Holy crap your tits are huge.” She knows her tits are huge. What she doesn’t know is if you’re a nice guy or a douche nozzle.
Hugs are often par for the course, but some gals prefer to offer you their hand. This hand is not for shaking. She isn’t your bro. She’s a gorgeous woman who wants you to delicately take her hand and kiss it as if she were the queen of your world because she fucking is. Don’t forget that.
Be respectful. You know what you want so just ask her, politely. This happens right away. “How do you feel about oral?” is a lot friendlier than “Will you suck my cock?” If you intend to have sex and/or get a blow job from a woman, why not be conversive and sweet? Unless you’re a BDSM fan, then that’s a whole other game…
Ask all questions up front in a friendly way. You don’t want any confusion, and you certainly don’t want your pleasurable experience to be harshly interrupted because you forgot to ask about the things you like to do. The conversation should be casual, but swift. Something like:
“So, oral is OK, what do you think about anal?”
“I’m not a fan, and no golden showers please.”
“No worries. Is it OK if I pull your hair a little when you go down on me?”
“A little, but not a lot. I’ll tell you if it’s too much.”
“Can I put my fingers inside of you?”
“Yes, but no fisting please.”
“Should we have a safe word?”
“If you like.”
Right about now is the time to ask a sort of personal question that shows you care about what she wants. You know what you want, but if she is happy, you’ll be even happier. If you’re going to have sex and you don’t have a rigid preference, ask, “Do you have a favorite position?” Some courtesans might immediately respond “Whatever you like baby,” but others will tell you directly what they like, and you’ll be very, very glad you asked.
Yes, your escort experience should be all about you, but if you make a little effort to represent for her, she will double her efforts for you. If you can make her orgasm on your way to climax, she will enjoy the experience much more and do everything you want to make you cum so hard you’ll never be able to forget it. Ever.