What sexual positions look the best in VR?

Having in mind everything that we have already told you about VR Bangers and their immersive VR porn movies, today we would like to discuss a rather more practical side of them – meaning the sexual positions attainable inside of the lifelike virtual reality environment. Most of VR porn scenes offered by VR Bangers are available in 6K ultra high definition and full 3D 360 degrees – which means that inside of them you will feel like surrounded with everything that is happening in front and around you – and they usually come in the POV (point of view) perspective.

Because of that fact, the amount of positions available to be recorded is somewhat smaller – but all of these attainable ones look simply great and today we would like to discuss them one by one in a few words. With so many categories that studio can boast of, there is indeed what to choose from…


Image courtesy: VRBangers.com

It turns out that this basic sexual position looks just great inside of virtual reality porn. The girl of your dreams is lying in front of you and spreading her legs wide to let you enter her tight little pussy – and you can watch her entire body through your VR headset’s lens and appreciate everything that her perfect body has to offer. This position might be a little bit boring in real life, but it will positively surprise you in VR porn – we promise!

Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl

Image courtesy: VRBangers.com

On the other hand, this position is one of the favorite ones of our escorts’ clientele and probably one of the most sought-after ones in real life. You can just chill with your hands behind your head and let the girl do the rest – and, guess what, it works equally well inside of the immersive virtual reality porn environment. Let’s not forget that thanks to it you can focus on these juicy boobies bouncing right in front of your face, and the wild moans of a professional pornstar will be heard the best this way!

Doggy style

Image courtesy: VRBangers.com

Doggy style is a position not only designed for some anal lovers – it works equally well if you are aiming for a tight pussy. Inside of VR porn you might be actually regretting that you are missing the eye contact with the girl that you have chosen for tonight, but – just like you can see on the image above – some of the professional VR porn stars know exactly how to handle that problem, and even though they will be bouncing with their asses right in front of your face wearing a VR headset, they will turn their heads in your direction to make sure that you hear all their wild groans out loud!

Holding legs up

Image courtesy: VRBangers.com

This position is supposedly the one giving the best sexual stimulus to a female – but it does not mean that it is somehow worse for guys! In VR porn, the girl is lying in front of you just like in the missionary position, she is spreading her legs out wide and holding them up to reveal her pussy even more – and you can, at the same time, focus on her tits bouncing when you push her even harder!


Image courtesy: VRBangers.com

And here comes the position that was meant to satisfy the laziest guys out there – the one that is breaking from the POV perspective that we have mentioned at the beginning of the article. But does that mean that it is any worse? Not really! Especially that VR porn is all about the diversification of sex fantasies – we are more than sure that you’ll love the position in VR sex as soon as you’ll see it!

Have any favorites after browsing this list? Then wear your VR headset and head straight to VR Bangers’ videos section and pick your beloved one and watch it in 6K ultra HD 3D VR ASAP!

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