SESTA/FOSTA Legislation Breakdown

SESTA/FOSTA is a huge acronym for a recently passed bill meaning Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act/Fight Online Sex Traffickers Act.

How does this legislation impact you the patron?

The Act is fairly considered a censorship bill by many because it seeks to stop any hook-ups or casual sex encounters across numerous internet forums, including Craigslist, Reddit, or any site where people meet one another for consensual sex.
SESTA/FOSTASESTA/FOSTA aims to breakdown and enforce sex trafficking laws to make online forums accountable for the actions of users, even if the forum doesn’t have control over the content or actions of the users. As you might guess, no internet forum can fully detect if a small percentage of its users are using a site for sex trafficking. Sex forums are designed to be used properly. Similarly, you can’t blame a gun manufacturer for the use of their products in a shooting spree.

Stigmatizing consensual prostitution unfortunately pushes sex trafficking more underground, making it less and less safe for escorts to work legally and safely. The more underground sex trafficking and illegal prostitution become buried, the more difficult it will be for authorities to unearth the details of our nation’s sex crimes.

The passage of this law can easily evolve into a violation our First Amendment freedom of speech. It could take away a safe and easy way to connect safely with potential partners, professional escorts and legal sex workers. It threatens to drive human nature further into the dark instead of bringing light upon the embrace of natural behavior.

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