Hummingbird Offers Sex Workers Extra Income and 100% Earnings

Sex workers have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, with many brothels and strip clubs closed for business until the vaccine’s distribution becomes more widespread. This has left many looking for ways to make ends meet until they can return to work. Content creation is one avenue that gives sex workers a way to make money from home, but many sites that host creator content keep a large percentage of the earnings they bring in, leaving many to wonder if there are other options out there.

Hummingbird is an app that offers sexy content creators a safe place to post their photos and videos while keeping 100% of their earnings. This helps sex workers make the extra money they need to make a great living during a tumultuous time when many are struggling just to make ends meet.

Hummingbird is different because, in addition to 100% earnings, the app offers creators a better sense of community. On larger sites like OnlyFans, many creators find there is too much competition, with everyone from celebrities to YouTubers creating accounts just to make a quick buck off their fans. The Hummingbird community is small, so all the creators are serious about putting out quality content because that’s their primary source of income.

While the pandemic has made it hard to work in person, it’s the perfect time to create content because many fans are stuck at home with nothing to do. What’s more, there’s likely another round of stimulus payments coming, which means fans will have that money burning a hole in their pocket, so why not get them to spend it on you? Especially considering how easy it is to create your own content. Side gigs like webcamming require laptops and other expensive equipment to get started, not to mention additional costs like monthly high-speed internet fees. On the other hand, content creation requires nothing more than the smartphone you likely already have sitting in your pocket. It’s as simple as snapping a few sexy selfies in front of the mirror, uploading them to the app, then using your social media accounts to promote your work. Why post your hottest photos and videos on Instagram for free when you could make some great money off of them instead?

While some sex workers find ways to successfully monetize content on platforms like Instagram, they often have their accounts deactivated due to constrictive terms of use that tend to discriminate against sex workers. Hummingbird offers a sex-positive, non-restrictive platform that welcomes and respects sex workers and the artistic contributions they bring to the site.

Download Hummingbird now on Android and start making money right away. Even if you’re working other gigs such as webcamming, it’s a great way to supplement your income without having to put in a lot of extra effort. Make the most of what you have until the world opens back up for business. If you’re tired of having 20% of your earnings docked from OnlyFans, or if you’re one of the many creators who was left out to dry due to the shakeup at Pornhub, this is the perfect way to keep the money rolling in.

Download the Hummingbird app for Android now.
IOS coming soon.