is Your Guide to Pleasure in Northern Nevada is the ultimate online guidebook for legal courtesan services in the U.S.A. Unlike other back page guides, we advertise safe, legal encounters with some of the most beautiful women in the world.

The courtesans featured on this site come from four of the country’s most luxurious brothels, all located in the Northern Nevada/Reno area. Here you’ll find escorts who love their jobs and take the art of pleasure very seriously.

Whether you are looking for a single encounter, a courtesan you can connect with and visit regularly, or a place to host a bachelor party your friends will never forget, you will find all of that and more at one of our featured brothels: The Bunny Ranch, The Kit Kat Ranch, The Sagebrush Ranch, and The Love Ranch.

The Bunny Ranch

Known as the #1 sex destination in America, The Bunny Ranch is the first sexual oasis founded by brothel mogul Dennis Hof. This location is a must for bachelor parties, people looking for companionship, and couples looking to put the spice back into their relationship. This pleasure palace features luxury suites with the finest amenities, not to mention a bevy of gorgeous Bunnies who are on-hand to bring your fantasies to life 24/7.

The Kit Kat Ranch

This sexual oasis was purchased by Dennis Hof in 2012 and was completely remodeled into a lover’s grotto that must be seen to be believed. This location is the premier destination for sex tourism, providing the perfect place for out of towners to enjoy a safe, 100% legal sexual experience with the type of woman they can only dream of in other parts of the country and even the world.

The Love Ranch

Situated in the only legal red light district in America, The Love Ranch offers the type of sexual experience that will change your life. Choose from a huge menu of “Lovers” and services, or go all out and treat yourself to an experience with some of the industry’s hottest porn stars.  Why just watch porn when you can live it?

The Sagebrush Ranch

If you are looking for a sex vacation that serves as a sensual escape from your everyday life, the Starlets at The Sagebrush Ranch will welcome you with open arms and the most ravenous of sexual appetites. Enjoy quality one-on-one time with the escort of your dreams, or make it a party with multiple girls to fulfill your desires. Enjoy everything from a brief sensual encounter to overnight dates that turn into early morning lovemaking sessions in lush VIP accommodations.

View our directory of brothels and courtesans now and find someone to stimulate your mind, body, and senses in ways you never thought possible.

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